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List of Bugs with DLC-to-DLC teleports and Cave entraces

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I played at HAM RoG and SW compatable world. I faced followed problems:

1) Cave escapes may lead to SW world instead of RoG

Every time I escape RoG cave I am teleported into SW world.

I started the game at SW islands. I found Seaworthy and used it as soon as Dry Season began. I hoped into RoG world - it was Spring season there.

I lived in RoG and found Cave Entrace - I entered it. I tried to go out from Cave and KA-BLAM - I appeared at the SW world! Near the Seaworthy I used many days before. I used Seaworthy and hoped into RoG world again.

2) Seasons work incorrectly

From SW islands I hoped into RoG world at the begining of Dry Season (day 80 at SW or something). At RoG it was Day 1 and Spring. I lived 30 days at RoG world. At the end of the summer I used Skyworthy to teleport to SW world. And it was still Dry Season there. There must be something wrong with seasons passing in inactive worlds.

3) Chester is trapped in SW world because of Cave bug

SW islands (compatable with HAM) - hop to RoG. I found cave Entrace carrying eyebone, chester hopped with me. I entered cave, escaped it and appeared at SW islands. Chester teleported into SW world via Cave bug with me! And stayed in SW workd forever because if I try to use Seaworthy - eyebone will be dropped.

Steps to Reproduce
1) Cave escapes lead to SW world instead of RoG Create SW world compatable with HAM. Teleport into RoG world via Seaworthy. Enter Cave, escape Cave - you will find yourself at SW world next to Seaworthy. Carry chester eyebone around you will get chester trapped in SW world.

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