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Lightning Rod fail to catch lighting.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I was walking to base and suddenly struck my base without warning(I assume causes by a thunderbird?) and everything burned down. As I had worked hard on the base I let the fire kill me.

I was playing as Webber. I doubt this is intended. I've added a picture, note how there is no other fire-source and the the Lightning Rod is not charged.

I've seen people claim the Thunderbirds can hit the player with lightning even if they're not on screen or attacked by something else, I suspect that since the Lightning Rod is not in "The Thunderbird's Screen" it fails to recognize it and think there isn't a Lightning Rod close by and hit a random object.

I feel sad as I got pretty far in this save and now have to start from scratch.



Steps to Reproduce
Place Lighting rod Thunderbird attacked not on screen, does it's Lightning Attack and fail to recognize the Lightning Rod.

User Feedback

Same here. It hit me while I was near the burning Science Machine. There is a lightning rod right in the middle.


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