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light radius giving food in the pig ruins bug. 100% reproducible

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Fixed

when you eat glow berries, rainbow jellyfishes or dragoon hearts you gain a light radius around you but there is a bug about it in the pig ruins which when you eat one of those food and then enter the pig ruins you will get the light radius in the first room but if you enter the second room or any other room after the first room you will immediately lose that light radius and eating more of these foods won't give you the buff anymore.but if you went back to the first room the effect will appear again only at this room.


this is the first picture which shows that i am in the first room and the effects works perfectly after i ate one rainbow jellyfish


this is the second picture which shows that the effect immediately gone after i enter the second room20190302001807_1.thumb.jpg.16dc6d0728a4575b99ddb07874b5c599.jpg

and this is the third picture which shows that i ate another rainbow jellyfish but it doesnt give me the the light radius again on the second room

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A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

sorry for not adding steps to reproduce but its a gameplay bug so it doesn't depend on what i have done recently but it occur for the all the players who have don the steps i've mentioned in the description. thank you <3

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Thanks for the bug, and your report was pretty good for the repro - 100% repro without doing anything is a valid repro, so no worries :)

(When I asked for a repro it was basically 'if there is a specific setup needed, please tell me', if the specific setup is, eat a berry and go to the next room then that is pretty valid. It's just to prevent me from playing an hour before I can repro the issue)

It should be fixed in the next update :)


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