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Killed by BFB and taken away with zero health

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I was stomped to death by BFB and he took my corpse away.  I awoke in his nest with 0 health and am somehow alive.  I seem to be in limbo and cannot interact with anything.

hamlet no health.png

Steps to Reproduce
Give BFB a pedicure and see if he drags your body away

User Feedback

I have noticed the Roc abduction having some unintended interactions as well.

The bird abducting your corpse in the background, while the foreground UI counts down your days survived and shows unlocked characters, is kinda funny, but I had an instance where the bird flew off with my corpse and I was being resurrected at my Meat Effigy, when suddenly the resurrection was interrupted by the Bird arriving at its nest and dropping my freshly resurrected, empty-handed character into its nest, instead of the corpse it had abducted.  That was not a fun situation, especially, since I had picked the nest island completely clean previously, leaving me nothing with which to fashion a torch that could get me through the connecting cave.

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