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I am not sure if it was an artifact that has yet to be added or was removed, but I found this object and it can't be sold to artifact trading pigs. Also, whilst in my inventory, there is no image (see second picture with a wet "nothing" in my backpack). Is it important? Will it be important later? Please let me know.5bfe4c4a03e31_DontStarve11_28_20182_21_18AM.thumb.png.c7d48881f72be3cabba465a2e08b7c04.png5bfe4c57357ad_DontStarve11_28_20182_20_17AM.thumb.png.8e2a09fa51f1601aef03c5a42928825f.png

Steps to Reproduce
Found in a peculiar claw palm tree.

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