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Issues with world generation with linked worlds/beta(?)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

1st issue: A Base Game/RoG world linked to SW or RoG will have a big gold spawn with tall birds in the 'mosaic biome'. I tested it several times and it reappears (very high chance?). Also the Base Game will have icy claciers and mole worm burrows in the world. No links with SW or HAM will result into a normal generation of a area with no turf on it with several rocks.

image.thumb.png.ed60186a57d71e0491ce15d3664ab96f.pngBase Game

2nd issue: A Base Game/RoG world linked to HAM will have a much more continental structure with touching land edges than other worlds.

image.thumb.png.7f2c4f70ec282ed03775302db5138fda.pngnormal settings, ROG+HAM


image.thumb.png.b10ca5feb8dec454b6a61c77ac4b0269.pngnormal setting, RoG+SW






Steps to Reproduce
Start different worlds with different links and see the difference

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