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Invisible Furniture in My House

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I had a rug, table, chair, and window sitting in the upper right corner of my slanty shanty, but now the table, chair, and window are not visible. However, I cannot walk through the area or place anything new there, and the window's light still shines on the floor even though the window is gone. I could hammer the rug that the other items were sitting on, but I cannot hammer the invisible items. Not only does the hammer not show up, but it also does not work if I stand by the item and press space.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Place rug, table, and chair in slanty shanty. 2. Leave and go to the second pig island. 3. Return to the slanty shanty. 4. Be confused by the missing furniture.

User Feedback


Thanks for the report. 

Could you go to Options in the main menu and then to Report Bug?

It'll upload your savegame so we can have a look. 


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Thanks for the report.

We found the cause for this, will have to discuss with the team. A fix should come soon after the weekend.

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