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Interiors Beta: Pew-matic Gun ammo issue: Cactus, gems, feathers

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending
  • "cactus" is listed in high_ammo, but that cannot be put in inventory. Was the intended item Cactus Flesh?
  • "gems" is listed in high_ammo: I think this should be "bluegem", etc. The spawn code for blue gem is not used so it will not use the "high_ammo" damage. I tried using blue gem as ammo and it did normal damage.
  • "feathers" is listed in low_ammo: same deal with gems, there needs to be specific names like "feather_crow", etc. otherwise the intended damage will be incorrect. They will do normal damage when they should do low damage.

Steps to Reproduce
1: play as Wheeler 2: load gun with specific items mentioned
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