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Hatching multiple robin in my slot in slanty shanty

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I was holding the egg and about to leave the room

then 0.5second before I leave the room, the egg hatched inside

hatced item and robin drop out of my pocket slots

when I go outside, one idle robin wander to somewhere I don't know

then when I enter my slanty shanty

that idle wandering robin come in my slanty shanty

actually two robins in my slanty shanty

one with hatched item to follow me, another one doesn't

and I still have one extra egg in my pocket slot after this


Steps to Reproduce
1. The egg Hatched before I almost exit the slanty shanty

User Feedback

I had a kind of similar issue. Except I didn't leave the slanty shant, I picked up the egg the exact moment it started cracking. Hatching animation started, giving me a Ro Bin with a gizzard stone, but I still had a stoned egg in my inventory, The egg hatched again, and I ended up with 2 fully functioning Ro Bins with gizzard stones.


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the same thing happened to me when i was trying to hatch a robin in slanty shanty. I had full inventory and night time came so i wanted to pick up and move the egg closer to the fire pit. it did not go into my inventory as it was full but robin hatched mid air while being carried to fire pit. that resulted in two robins and two gizzard stones, no egg anymore though. One robin seems to have disappeared after a while but there are still two gizzard stones.

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