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Hamlet: Problems with ROG compatible worlds.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Basically, in hamlet compatible rog worlds, there are bugs that exist that make features less use-able.

1) Caves = Time bending.

Space bending sold elsewhere.

When every you enter a cave in these types of world, various things can happen (Not first entry, just entry at all) all of which have to do with season/day count. Some of these I had was:

*Changing how many days are left in a season

*Changing the season itself

And *Change the day count, but only in the caves.

(This may exist in hamlet compatible base game world, but I haven't tested yet.)

2) Tumbleweeds

One thing I notice, or rather experience, is that tumbleweeds in these types of worlds don't bonces on the edge of the world like they used to (or how they do in dst), but rather just fall of the edge, like if an item where place against it.

3) Old bell unavailable.

Simple one, when the old bell blueprint is obtained, it does not put it in the magic crafting tab. Unless it's in a different tab, the old bell is basically unattainable.

Steps to Reproduce
All of these (3) can be done by simply getting to these points normally in a hamlet compatible rog worlds. I have no idea why this happens but I hope these all get fixed.

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