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Guaranteed Game Over every time BFB shows up

Nero Darkard
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

For me, it is absolutely impossible to survive as soon as the BFB appears. The foot will always land directly on me, instantly killing me. Due to this, I never made it past day 24. My only hope is to avoid the shadow at all costs, but if I ever by accident touch the shadow, its an instant game over for me. Absolutely unavoidable. I am severely frustrated because of this because I lost several worlds now because of this and I can't for my life make any progress.

Steps to Reproduce
wait until BFB spawns, try to surive for as long as possible, eventually step into the shadow and immediately get killed.
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User Feedback


Just go to a deep jungle or the city if you're unable to dodge the giant foot shadow, he doesnt go there. 

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