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Gnats Followed Me to Shipwrecked!

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I had just stopped the Aporkalypse as WX-78 and I was overcharged running back to the Skyworthy when like 5 gnats agroed to me and wouldn't leave me alone. They ended up catching up to me just as I hopped into the Skyworthy. To my surprise and dismay they had followed me to Shipwrecked! Nothing I did got rid of them and when I used my boat and they inflicted damage to me my boat took the damage instead. I tried to sleep or do anything I could but nothing worked. I decided to go back to Hamlet and make a bug begone but upon loading up back in Hamlet the gnats were gone. Upon returning to Shipwrecked, the Gnats were nowhere to be found. 



Steps to Reproduce
Get Gnats stuck on WX-78 (possibly might work with any character) hop worlds from Hamlet to Shipwrecked and use a boat or try to sleep, the results are very obvious.
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