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Glowfly spawning way too much upon reloading a save

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

When loading a saved game sometimes glowflys will spawn by the dozens from every flower you pass by. It lasts for many days. If you happen to get to the humid season they turn into many hundreds of cocoons all around the map and hatch quickly. They form groups of 20-30 in pretty much any area that has an exotic flower and turn into an unstoppable mob. The glitch is very similar to one I experienced in Shipwrecked where under the same conditions butterflies would spawn en masse immediately after reloading a game. 


Here is a picture of many beetles following me throughout the jungle, I am just barely able to outrun them as overcharged WX-78. Their aggro range is insane as well, being able to detect a character from well over a screen away.


They also drop fps quite a bit.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Start a new game, play for a few days then save your game and quit near exotic flowers. (in this one experience i saved my game right before humid season, when i loaded my game again the bug began, any exotic flower you run past will spew out glowflys.) 2. Reload your save. 3. If the bug is triggered, Glowflys will immediately spawn, refer to the butterflies above expect picture glowflies.

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