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FPS dropped in all underground and interior biomes

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I tried to escape BFB's island and found in first cave these mobs spawned behind the walls. I can't kill them with melee or range weapon, they can't hit me.

After this issue FPS in all underground biomes and interiors (pig shops, caves, ruins etc.) dropped a lot. Character is almost freezing while moving or doing smth. I tried relogging, resolution and other settings switchings, but it didn't change anything.

FPS in all ground biomes is great. And at game starting FPS in all underground biomes and interiors was good.

I'm not using any mods.


Steps to Reproduce
No steps to reproduce. Just enter random cave and find mobs spawned behind the walls. Check FPS after that.
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User Feedback

Hello @dream.of.mars, welcome to the forums. Could you please submit through the in-game's report system?

  • Save and exit
  • Go to Options
  • Report Bug
  • Fill out report
  • In description, write "Bats spawned behind walls in caves, in World Save #"
  • Fill out the rest
  • Submit

I think the only option for you in this case is to use the console to either delete them or move them to inside the cave space where you can manually kill them:

To move them one by one to under your cursor/mouse, open console and enter:


To completely delete them all in the area, use:

for x = 1, # do c_find("vampirebat"):Remove() end

Wherein # corresponds to the number of vampirebats you want to remove. I recommend doing this in 10s, just to be safe. So in console use:

for x = 1, 10 do c_find("vampirebat"):Remove() end

But please, go do the report bug first through the ingame menu, that way the devs can have more detailed information about what could have gone wrong with your save that spawned bats while inside interior. I hope that helps, cheers.

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Hi, @Zillvr! Many thanks for your advice. I reported a bug and after that executed last command.

And I have a question about Removing. You said

12 hours ago, Zillvr said:

To completely delete them all in the area, use:

for x = 1, # do c_find("vampirebat"):Remove() end

Does it remove all vampirebats in the entire world? Or it means that more than 10 bats have spawned outside of the area and i have deleted them all?

I executed this command with 10s twice, as you recommended, and bats in the cave disappeared only in second case. 

And it seems this isn't the end) After that I entered a pig shop (where i definitely was before and bought some stuff) and a new bat appeared on the bottom of the screen, behind the walls.




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@dream.of.mars doing the command only deletes the existing vampire bats in the same plane of existence  (i.e. in cave room, all in that one room will be removed.  but in other rooms that has vampire bats are not affected, since they aren't loaded in the same room).

You'd have to do the command a bunch of times if they appear in walls again in other places.

Did they appear again later on while you're in shops or were they already there beforehand?

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@Zillvr thanks for detailed answer. I simply try to understand this strings in console log (you can see them second screenshot)

trying to remove vampirebat: 141


trying to remove vampirebat: 102


Why five attempts... There was only one bat on the screen :confused:

About bat in the shop. It spawned later, after submitting bug and deleting first two in the cave. On day 150. I built this shop for about the 100th day and was there several times - no mobs were behind the walls.

Now I think that the reason for their appearance may be my hiding in the caves or ruins while bat's waves are starting. It's a common tactic, especially useful for Wes - he's too weak to tank all bats. So if bats come in the evening or night I enter a cave, then in the morning go out and lead them to guards or mants.

If not all bats appeared in the ground biom before I entered a cave, some of them may be frozen somewhere and appear after I enter another room/cave etc. It's weird anyway) I'll try to check this during another wave.

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