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fiesta doesnt properly reset if you switch worlds

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

i switched from the hamlet world to the shipwrecked world, stayed there for a good while, and then came back to hamlet while it was in the bloodmoon phase. i reversed the clock and came back to the fiesta, and then went back to shipwrecked. 

coming back to hamlet after another good while, the fiesta is still going while the bloodmoon is out. everything is locked and the guards had the sense to hide, but all the other pigs are out and dancing and lighting firecrackers as if everything is well with the world, despite the ancient herald looming over them. i find it quite funny.

thank you, i hope this helps!




Steps to Reproduce
stop the aporkalyspe, exit hamlet after a few days of stopping it, then return to hamlet after 60 or so days to a still lively party.

User Feedback

That boar is too old to see. It's very kind of you if you just allow him to have a rest on one of your drying racks.

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