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Disappearing Merchants

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

This happened to me 2 times now. I bought something form pig merchant (shovel shop and food shop) and when they tried to add new thingĀ on display they simply disappiered and they are not coming back. I can normally come back to their shop but I can only steal their things. Also every day even tho they are not there items are restored.

Steps to Reproduce
As I said I simply bought something and they disappiered when tried to restore the products. But it happened to me only 2 times. And other merchants never disappeared even tho they restored the products.

User Feedback

I've had the same issue. They seem to run into walls often when or after restocking an item. I had another issue where one of them ran towards me (similar to the way they do when you pick up their manure to pay you), then disappeared as soon as they reached me. I could steal all of their stuff but it was kind of annoying since I would have liked to buy more stuff from them.

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