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Disappeared after entering through secret door

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


Character quotes aren't visible as well as miner hat's light so I'm not even in the room. I can still hear character voice though

Steps to Reproduce
1.Enter the ruins 2.Find secret door and unlock it 3. Enter the secret room and find another secret door and unlock it 4.Go through it.

User Feedback

6 hours ago, werlpolf said:

temporarly workaround



Non-computer expert here. Are you saying that will fix the problem? Do I need to "turn on console" or debug mode or something.... you know what i mean.


Btw this also happened to me when entering a room in the ruins. Not sure if it was a normal door, or a "Suspicious Crack" Your character (and mine) is actually outside of the room area(square), in the blackness and out of bounds. You can zoom out on the map and actually see your character far outside the room. You wont be able to get back in the room though, Unless that^ guys "special computer code" works. I'm mostly just describing the problem for when Klei reads this.

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I had the same problem.
Opening the in-game Console with the `/~ key and typing "c_tryexitblackroom()" command that Klei gave us in an earlier update can get you out, but it will re-vine any vined doors in the ruins, and doesn't solve the root problem.

After successfully console commanding myself out, I tried exiting the Secret Room again, and I was "blackroomed" again, so the issue seems to happen consistently.

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A fix just went out that should fix it for new worlds. For existing worlds a fix will go out Monday that will attempt to repair a ruin that is in this state (and should allow you to continue if you're stuck in a black room)

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