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Creatures can't be examined or killed, Plants glitching, can't win new characters, machete not showing up

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The game is fun so far but there are a few bugs I found. The first one happens with the lightning bug things (i don't know what they are called because I can't see the name of them when I scroll over them, I also can't attack or examine them) (they are in the picture provided), Some of the plants were wither overlapping or glitching because they would turn white and then back to the original color but it would happen every time I move. When ever I die it doesn't give me the XP for a new character it just shows a picture of the surfer girl who I already have and it doesn't give me the XP. Sometimes the machete won't show up in every new world for Hamlet. It shows up in the cut scene but disappears afterwards. The game also freezes up while loading now.

Capture 1.PNG

Steps to Reproduce
For the one about the lighting bug creature I just scrolled over it and it didn't give me the same options as the other creatures. For glitching plants I was just walking through the biome with the plants hanging everywhere. I just created a new world and the machete wasn't in it and the game froze during the loading process. For not gaining XP I just died and I wouldn't get any for a new character.

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