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CRASH while attacking the Masked Pig with Maxwell

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

So this crash actually happened to me 3 times (over a pretty short period of time) . One of them I already reported via the In-Game-Feature, but after thinking about this a little more I decided to give this bug report here a go since I remembered a few details which might help to track down this bug (and which I didn't provide in the In-Game Bug Report).

While I was playing as Maxwell I attacked the Masked Pig while I had 2-3 Shadow Puppets active. My Sanity was around the Insanity Threshold (actually I'm not completly sure wether I was already insane or the screen was just very shaky) and I switched right before the attack from the Dark Sword to the Halberd. This happend once while it was Daytime and twice while it was Dusk. Once this crash happend after I ordered the attack but before I (Maxwell) reached the Thief but while my Puppets were standing right around the thief and once this happend right after I actually did the attack and my Shadow Puppets were a little further away. (About the third thime I'm not sure anymore...)

Mods: I'm using the Geometric Placement Mod; it should not have any interaction with this issue but just in case. No other Mods are used.

And now to the funny part: I tried reproducing this via console commands and I was not able to do so in around 5 tries. And even in my normal Game I was not able to reproduce this crash voluntary until now (but I just had 2 tries until now). When I'm preparing for a crash while seeing the Thief it just workes fine... until now.

Because I already submitted my files via In-Game-Bug-Report I forgot to take a screenshot / save the logs to add here, but if this happens again I will add them.

And some additional Information (I don't think it has anything to do with this crash; but just in case): This happend in 2 diffrent worlds in both all seasons were changed to long, no boons are allowed to spawn and the glowfly cycle is disabled.

Edit: This Crash just happend again, without active Shadow Puppet's  and while being completly sane. I have no clue what causes this crash. I will deactivate my Mod's an see if this happens again in a new world. Ah... and I forgot to mention it: Validating the game files just gave back that no files are corrupted.



Steps to Reproduce
- be Maxwell - attack the Masked Pig - hope that it crashes (it does not always as mentioned above)

User Feedback

So... after playing for a little bit more in a new world without any mods this crash happend twice again. Without any involement of Shadow Puppets. So I acutally have no clue atm how to not trigger that crash exept that attacking that damn Masked Pig is somehow involved... but it seems saving the game and reentering before dealing with the Masked Pig seems somehow (at least until now) prevent this crash from happening... (at least it did not a single time occour when I "pepared" for a crash.)


Edit: Just to be sure - I'm still playing with changed world settings (all seasons long, no boons, no glowfly cycle)

Edit2: It also crashes with unchanged world setting while playing maxwell. No crashes with wickerbotten, warbucks and wigfried.



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And last but not least this time I managed to capture a little video of that crash happening. And of course I will add my log. In this game file it is actually the second pig bandit I attacked. The first one had no problems (and escaped). Oh... and I guess I was force attacking (muscle memory due to attacking butterlies); but I'm not completly sure about that.

The video is a little laggy and shaky; Don't Starve is running way better on my engine, but since I don't have a very fast upload I just decided to go with this poor quality.

Don't Starve 2018.11.15 -


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