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Crash when release Piko inside the shop

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I was playing Warly and decided to cook new speed boost recipe (tea). It took some time to catch 2 orange Pikos for one tea and the first one started spoiling. So i decided to bring the firstĀ one home to avoid spoiling and escaping. The Piko started to steal things from the shelves and then i got the idea to try release Piko in the shop (to steal things without breaking the law hehehe). When you drop Piko inside the shop, the game crashes.5bfd30d38086a_Pikoshop.thumb.png.10f2feab1179571f45cb06a4fea804ec.png5bfd30f9599e4_Pikobugshop.thumb.png.02f79d548b4bca761ba3adf515dd9c38.png

Steps to Reproduce
can't do anything about crash

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