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[Crash] Attacking Masked Pig as Maxwell after Shadow Puppets died of old age

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I reported this crash before, but since I finally found out what triggers this crash I decided to give this a new and "clean" bug report. So here we go:

The Game crashes when Maxwell attacks the Masked Pig after his Shadow Puppets died of old age.

This crash is not triggered if you despawn the Shadow Puppets by yourself (attack them), loose your Shadow Puppets by an enemy or other means or exit and re-enter the Game after the Shadow Puppets died. Since advancing the game by console commands does not age your Shadow Puppets it's a little tricky to reproduce this bug via console commands. I'll provide my safegame and my log. It starts just right before 2 Shadow Puppets die of old age. If you spawn a Masked Pig and attack it (the choice of weapon does not matter) the game will crash.

And here the link to my old bug report which became a little messy over the last 2 days: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/ds-hamlet-early-access/crash-while-attacking-the-masked-pig-with-maxwell-r14763/




Steps to Reproduce
1. play as Maxwell 2. summon Shadow Puppets 3. let a little over 2.5 days pass until your Shadow Puppets die of old age 4. spawn Masked Pig 5. attack said Masked Pig 6. Game crashes

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