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Console History is not working.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


As you can see it doesnt seem to open the console_history.txt file.
It doesnt even create one when you type anything to the console.

So I can't use commands or anything typed there without having to write it again every time I want to use it.


The file doesnt even create when you start using the console.

The only way to be able to use the history is to create the file yourself and type any command you want it to remember. When you create the file the message that said it wasn't able to open doesn't appear anymore.

But anything new that wasn't typed when you created the file seem to appear.

Steps to Reproduce
Start up the game normally. Even after a clean install.

User Feedback

My guess would be that you don't have write access in the directory (or rather, the game doesn't). You could try launching steam as administrator.


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