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Columns and plant holders disappear automatically

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

1. My columns and plant holders will automatically disappear each time I restart my game.


      2. I built a snowball machine or ice flingomatic. After I picked up all my plants, one snowball froze all the pigs. We know that a frozen creature will shiver when the ice is melting. The ice does melt, but the frozen pigs are still shivering! That is funny and I could not stop laughing!
     3. There are no differences between normal nettle plants and fertilized ones. I hope you can help me or us optimize this tiny thing.
      4. When I play as Warly the chef, I do love his portable cook pot. Pitifully, new recipes in Hamlet are invisible on his pot.
      5. In mant hills, I mined some beehive-like things (I forget the name, sorry! ). Some honey will drop into the wall and can not be picked. This is disappointing.
      6. In fog season, it usually rains cats and dogs after the heavy fog disappear.  However, the rain is silent, I mean that there is no sound for the heavy rain. This can be solved if I go into a pig shop and then go out of it.
      7. I gave my bird an asparagus, and she dropped two seeds called Missing Name Seed. I tried to pick them up, and then the game crashed.
    8. When I wear a swashy hat to steal farmers plants, I will not be discovered when wearing it to dig a berry bush, but the battle music rings. This scared me, for I think I will be chased and slain by city guards.

Steps to Reproduce
1. After decorating the room, save and quit. Then restart. 2. Build a flingomatic, and open it around pigs. 3. no step 4. Use the portable cook pot to cook new recipes in Hamlet. 5. Mine the honey lantern which is near the wall 6. No step. 7. Feed the caged bird one asparagus 8. Wear a swashy hat and dig farmer's berry bush.

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