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City Planning Tab disappear

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

.After I got the Key to the City I crafted some houses and new Slanty Shant, after putting the Key on the shelf, and going out for collecting stuff. When I got back and pick the Key, get out of the Slanty Shant, there is no City Planning Tab even when I'm holding the key. Please see the attached image.

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 11.40.01 AM.png

Steps to Reproduce
Got the key => Craft something and new Slanty Shanty => Put the key on the shelf => Get out of the house => Log out/log in (maybe needed) => get back to the house and pick the key => get out of the house => No City Planning tab

User Feedback

Thanks for the report.

3 quick questions:

Are you playing with joypad or mouse/keyboard?

Are you using any mods?

Could you go to "Report Bug" in the Options menu in the main menu, enter a brief description and submit? It will upload your savefile for us to take a look at.


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@bizziboi Submitted the report.

- I'm using mouse and keyboard.

- Yes:

  • 999 Stack
  • MiniMap
  • Detailed Tooltips
  • Display food value
  • Stackable equipment

And more, after putting the Key on the ground (outside, not in the house) => log out and log in again => The key now disappears. Submitted the report again.

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