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Character frozen under BFB.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Game on day 17, BFB lands. Walking under the beak froze my character looking up at it. The day clock continues and birds and pig knights still moving in backround. I cannot move, craft, eat. I can click and move things in my inventory but that is about it. Exiting game, verifying integrity, restarting does not solve issue. Reentering the game from save file, BFB stomps a few times, but I am unable to move. BFB doesn't do anything else either.


Steps to Reproduce
Playing as wilson. Day 16 started, I left in game house. BFB shadow appeared. Ran out to open area above pig village near pig farmer areas. Equiped spear and football helmet. BFB lands. Animation of beak opens/smaller beaks come drop out then goes back into main beak. I run to shadow spot under beak. Wilson stuck in place with looking up/scared emotion. Character frozen, bird frozen. Nothing happening.

User Feedback

Hello @drizzy, welcome to the forums. The devs would appreciate if you could submit a bug report through the ingame menu. Go to Options > Report Bug. You still have the save correct? Doing the report bug will send your save files too which will help the devs figure out the issue with getting stuck with BFB.

In the description write "Stuck Under BFB in Save Slot #", that way the devs know exactly what save to investigate.

There is a work around for this, but please do make the report bug in game first so the devs can fix this issue.

Oh after you've done the report bug, the workaround is:

  • Move cursor into safe spot on screen
  • Open console with tilde sign "~"
  • Type c_move(GetPlayer()) 
  • Press Enter
  • Once moved, save and exit
  • Return to save game
  • BFB will proceed to take you away

I hope you've made the report first before doing work around so the devs can investigate the issue. Cheers.

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