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Can't Place items in the Jungle

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I can't place structures or Nettles in the Jungle Biome, at least the spot closest to my base.

I cleared the Area early game from Spider Monkeys, could their placement hindrance still be left there?
I could place a couple Nettles(the ones you see around me) but the lines going across the Jungle floor were narrow and flowed randomized on the floor.

I am pretty sure my Spider Monkey theory is true, because there is nothing else there that could hinder building.


Steps to Reproduce
Try to place items on area previously occupied by Spider Monkeys.

User Feedback

I see a lot of things that would stop you from building mainly the tiny plants on the ground that look like decoration you can only remove them using commands btw

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Yeah, it's the plants. I really wish Klei would add the ability to burn them, because a Deep Rainforest base would look so cool!

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