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! cannot return to hamlet after using skyworthy !

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I have a hamlet file, and finally decided to connect it with a shipwrecked file. However, upon returning to the seaworthy to go back to hamlet, it gives me the merge prompt with the options to choose ANOTHER world to merge with or a new world,  but no option to return to Hamlet. Please help me fix this glitch- that hamlet file was 300 days old! 

Steps to Reproduce
built skyworthy --> go to shipwrecked world (already created, day 34) via skyworthy --> not able to return on seaworthy.

User Feedback

Hmmm, that's odd.

Could you report a bug from ingame? (Main menu>Options>Report Bug). Mention the save slot and the issue and it'll upload your savegame for us to take a look at.

Edited: Hmmm, or maybe you need a skyworthy to return to Hamlet? (sorry, am not intimately familiar with that part, I'll follow up on this)

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Yes, you need to craft a Skyworthy to go back to a Hamlet world. Look around the world and you'll find what you need to make it :)

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