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Calender Buttons don't work

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The Buttons(both if them) only control the door.

Does this mean that I am forced to "endure" the Aporkalypse and have this world destroyed?
I am not happy about this!



Steps to Reproduce
I dunno, it just doesn't work.

User Feedback

15 hours ago, Hyxaru said:

Relog inside this room. If it does not work, try doing it whilst standing on a pressure plate.

I relogged inside but did not fix, then I relog when I was on the bottom and it worked.


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In the same part,
-my first bug with this calendar :
the first time I wanted to prevent the apocalyse (less than 45 days of play), I wanted to provoke it for 3 seconds with the calendar by aligning the symbols down. It worked and I slightly advanced the clock to reset the countdown to about 60 days. But after crossing a few rooms in the ruins, the aporcalypse suddenly arrived with ghosts of pigs. Going back, I noticed that the symbols were well blocked in aporcalyspe mode, but these symbols were not aligned at all. I was able to put the calendar back to 0 and I had counted that the aporcalypse had to come to the day about 100-110.

I had something to do next to its ruins at day 70 and I took the opportunity to rewind the calendar. I had counted that the aporcalypse should take place at about day 130

-Second bug, which corresponds to the title of the subject: I came back to the day 100 and it was there that I found that the needles was blocked was all to the right. I had walked on the buttons, no dial was moving. I decided to make a backup on day 122 to avoid unpleasant surprises. The aporcalypse took place on day 132 and the buttons were still blocked and fixed to the right. So I decided to restore my backup and go see the calendar (image on the right) with the same block.
I tried the technique above and it does not work well with me: only the first 2 small symbols are mobile, the big dial is still fixed despite several attempts. It is therefore impossible for me to know when the aporcalyspe can take place

I was once surprised by the aporcalyspe and the buttons were in the same position (all blocked to the right), knowing that no pig had warned me that it was going to take place. Fortunately, I made a backup that I could recover.


I will have to put this part aside, as long as this bug will not be solved (caution requires)
If someone has a line of code to put in the console to solve this problem, or a way to display the actual countdown of the aporcalysis I am interested. Knowing that I already try the mod "Aporcalypse calendar fix" and that it has no effect :)

calendirer bloqué.png

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