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Builder Pigs in 2nd City Have Hammers Stuck to their Pants

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


Steps to Reproduce
Generate a world. Look at builder pigs.

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1 hour ago, bizziboi said:

This should have been fixed in last nights' update. Are you sure you are up to date?

I thought the bug where the hammers appear on the ground was fixed. This bug is where the graphic of a hammer laying on the ground is constantly in the center of their graphic. I'm probably wrong but it's worth a shot. Sorry.

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In this case I think it's kinda both of us being right.

The bug about pigs littering hammers (and having too many hammers) was fixed recently indeed (although judging from this not quite as intended as they were supposed to have only one hammer and these seem to show two hammers at least, one in their hand and one at their feet, although that might be an animation illusion - I'd have to check).

However, yesterday we introduced a bug that showed items inside other items (items in chest, item in pig inventory) to actually live outside of them (items showing in front of chest, backpack and interactable, or hammers at the feet of pig if they were in their inventory), last night we pushed out a fix that fixed that particular bug so hammers shouldn't show up at mechanic's pig feet anymore.

Edited to add: Unless the inventory fix didn't fix it for pigs with hammers, of course. It definitely was supposed to.

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