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Bird Trap does not catch birds properly

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Can't Reproduce

If we place bird trap and place seeds on it, then go into house or other building and exit it, bird trap will almost always instantly catch a black bird, but it won't give us a bird after collecting the trap and trap will lose durability. Sometimes it will just make seeds disappear instead of "catching" a bird.


Steps to Reproduce
1. Place a bird trap. 2. Place seeds on it. 3. Go into house, then exit it. 4. Trap will catch a black bird. 5. After collecting the trap, it will lose durability but won't give a bird to the player. 6. Sometimes instead of it seeds will just disappear.

User Feedback

I can't duplicate the problem of always catching a black bird or the one of not getting the bird when the trap is harvested. Do you have any other information that might help? 

Maybe send us the save file?

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I haven't seen the "only blackbird" result, but I have reproduced the trap showing a trapped bird and then picking up no bird with a "used" trap. It's not consistent though--some times I'll get a bird, sometimes not. It seems to cheat you out of the bird more frequently with pigs around, but I'm still trying to figure it out.

EDIT: Added an image of an empty bird trap, which I have also encountered.bird0.thumb.png.833fb51010325b935ac237b90b39b367.png

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Seen the same issue, though it can be any color for me.  I'd say it doesn't give me a bird about a fourth of the sprung traps.

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I am currently having this issue. I recently made my bird trap and armed it with seeds that I bought from the floral store, but every time I pick up the cage with the caught black bird in it the trap loses durability and the bird is no where to be found. Not sure what is going on... I have not tried with seeds that are dropped naturally by the pigeon swarms though, maybe that would change it? I have tried about 3 times with seeds from the floral store, even in different spots, and still nothing. (I am also playing Warbucks, if that has anything to do with it.)

Also a weird bug was picking up the bird trap with the seed on it seems to give you the bird trap and only the bird trap, the seed disappears. Weird interaction.

Hopefully you can check this out. For the mean time, to get my eggs for gunpowder I spawned in a bird to bypass this roadblock.

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