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BFB freezing animation

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


Steps to Reproduce
So, I was playing when BFB spawned, when he stoped at me he my character freezed without the capacity to move or interact, even if you get attacked by a mob, I died by a nightmare secs later. 

User Feedback

Hi @SpotnickDoge,

welcome to the forums. This has been reported a handful of times but the devs needs more info to be able to fully fix this bug. The next time this happens for you, do the following:

  • Save and Exit
  • Go To Options
  • Click Report Bug
  • Edit Description with "Stuck Under BFB in World Save #"
  • Submit
  • Once submitted, this will send the devs the necessary information to be able to properly investigate the issue. (Since it occurs very randomly and difficult to replicate)
  • After that, go into your world save that has the stuck under BFB issue
  • Open console with tilde sign "~"
  • Move cursor into a safe spot on land then enter the command c_move(GetPlayer())
  • Press Enter
  • Cheers.
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