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BFB destroyed my house, can't have a house anymore

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The BFB decided to pay me a visit when i wasn't prepared. I went to my house to get food and when i went out, the BfB landed, walked on my house, destroyed it and abducted me (and killed my poor Ro Bin in the process). I went back as fast as i could and discovered that THE HOUSE HAS BEEN REBUILT BUT WAS LOCKED AGAIN I had my House Papers in the Shelf and i can't buy new one, i checked at the mayor office and he didn't have others papers available. I also had all my stuff in the house and i don't know if it is still here ...

I didn't have any upgrade yet on the house, it was the basic one but i had Alchemy Engine, Fire Pit, 2 cooking pot, 1 drying rack inside and all my beloging lying on the floor.

Do i have to start again????? Pls HELP ME.


EDIT. Okay this bug already existed with the fire destroying your house. The fact that the BfB did it didn't change anything, i used the command c_give("deed", 1)  to get access to my house again and everything was still in here, i didn't lose my stuff.

Steps to Reproduce
Let BFB destroy your house with the key inside of it...

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