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Ballphin Pods spawn in the void

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I built 15 Ballphin Palaces in a pond on Hamlet's starting island and, in the last few days, roughly 10 of the ballphins that spawned from them starting mindlessly heading towards the same direction. After some testing on a copy of the save file, I discovered that, for some reason, there are multiple "ballphinpod" prefabs spawned in the void way outside the visible/explorable map that seem to have been the ballphin's destination. (I used c_gonext("ballphinpod") to get there. It's the little dot far away from the map in the attached screenshot.)


(To make things even more confusing, it appears I have 16 "ballphinpod" prefabs in my world, but only 15 "ballphinhouse" prefabs.)


This bug is not new. It was introduced with the Home Sea Home and, despite multiple reports, does not seem to have been fixed. In Shipwrecked, Ballphins spawned from Ballphin Palaces have always had a tendency to leave their home and never come back. After following one such ballphin on his journey, I discovered his destination was a herd of ballphin in the middle of the deep ocean.


I suspect the culprit behind this bug is the "herdmember" component. Even palace-spawned Ballphins have that component and when they can't find a ballphin pod to attach themselves to, they spawn a new one. The problem is the ballphins suck at picking a point to spawn said "ballphinpod" and all too often end up spawning it several screens away. (Perhaps that's due to ballphin pods being water-only whereas the code for herdmember seems written with the land-locked beefalo in mind?)


I've attached my Hamlet save file, which is currently suffering from the bug.



Steps to Reproduce
1. Build Ballphin Palaces. 2. ??? (it looks like RNG, really) 3. Some of the ballphin pods spawn way too far away.
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