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Automatcally teleported to a distant location

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

whenever i enter a pigshop that is about to be burned or destroyed, upon leaving the shop i automatically end up on a remote place with black clouds.



Steps to Reproduce
I entered a pigshop that was about to be destroyed.

User Feedback

Hello @Nilotpaldas44, welcome to the forums This has been reported a handful of times and the workaround for it is as follows:

  • Build Log Raft in Lily Pad biomes


  • Use console command: c_gonext("firepit"). Assuming ofcourse that you've build one on land already.
  • If not, get as close to the island then replace firepit with with clawpalmtree

For future reference, it's always recommended to search if a certain bug has been reported before with the Search. Cause most likely people may have already found workarounds for certain issues. I hope that helps, cheers.

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