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Aporkalypse calendar bug

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Go into a calendar room through a crack is a normal way to find a calendar. It's a crack door outside, but a normal door inside, and when the next Aporkalypse comes, go to the calendar room, and the two buttons control the door, not the calendar, this bug means that the Aporkalypse will not be ceased by a player. Fix this as soon as possible, thank you so much.

Steps to Reproduce
Go to the 5th island, and visit the calendar room twice.

User Feedback

i have the same problem, i can not stop the Aporkalypse cause the calendar is stuck, i was at the calendar erlier and rolled the calendar back, so Aporkalypse happend later but 2nd time and all other visits can not change the calendar. some minor graphical around the edges of the rings seem to indicate rotation but the major parts of the dials are stuck.


edit: actually, seems to be purely graphics for me, after standing on the dial to turn back for a while it seems Aporkalypse have ended

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Could you fix this bug at first please? This bug happens almost every save slots, and I see most of the players in a Chinese forum reported this bug. This bug will not allow players to end Aporkalypse. Thank you so much.  @bizziboi

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