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Actual Aporkalypse

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I was in the Academy when the shopkeep got stuck pathing over to replace the relic i had just bought. Pushing him didn't work, so I smacked him with a halberd, causing two guards to spawn. I was frightened, so I just left the building, but noticed later that while in my house a bunch of pigs were spawning out of bounds. It happens on each interior map I've entered (including other shops, ruins, etc). I'm theorizing that I could stop their spawns by killing them all off, but I simply don't have the firepower. 

Sneaky, Klei. I've found your Aporkalypse before you even released it.


Steps to Reproduce
Could not reproduce after many tries.. I had a vampire bat attack somewhere in there and a few of them ended up in the house as well. Not sure if that's what did it.
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