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Wishing Well Accepting Non-Monetary Items (except it isn't)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

It was my first time running across a wishing well, so I decided to test some items to see what they'd do. The well took both forms of oincs as expected




but I noticed I was also prompted to "give" other, mundane items when I held them over the well (honeycomb, dry grass, pig skin)






Not all items give this option: things like tools and weapons don't seem to trigger that prompt. But while the well will consume the oincs, it won't actually take the non-monetary stuff. It just remains in your cursor/hand.

I'm not sure if the well is supposed to take "junk" items (and react accordingly) or if the wrong items are showing the give option, but either way something is off.

Steps to Reproduce
- Enter temple - Find/enter room with wishing well - Attempt to give wishing well pig skin

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