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When you leave a burned house you appears in heaven

White Wolf
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Part of the issue that has already been written in the bug tracker.

Now you can't enter the burning house with a spacebar, but if something is kindle nearby and you enter the house before it lights up, then you, after trying go back to the city, will teleport to the "paradise". This doesn't always happen, it's necessary to observe a certain timing. Don't wait too long and don't go out immediately. Wait a bit and get out. Into the clouds) Tried about 6 times, was teleported - 3 times.
This is relevant when outside the house tons of burning vampire bats in the sky)

This bug is related to this:

And this:

P.S.: Sorry for my mistakes in english)







Steps to Reproduce
Light up something near a house (i used logs). Enter the house until it caught fire. Wait (about 7 seconds, i think). Exit the house. Enjoy the heavens.
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