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Was teleported from town to a strange bright area in the clouds

White Wolf
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I've seen this area before, from the edge of the middle island. Small bright spot in the clouds. Strange place, but I didn't paid much attention to it.

Then, a 10 or 12 days later (very approximately), on another island (started) i went out from the shop with a carrot on the signboard (in the evening time) and, instead of spawn in the city, was teleported to this area. O_o
There should have been a battle of guards with thousands of vampire bats outside the shop. But instead of this thick of the action I found myself in the clouds. In paradise, you might say. Since from the dark area next to me (stock of treasures) i could pick up a huge amount of idols and relics. =)
I could walk on the clouds, but it was impossible to return to the islands. This is the sad part of the story..

Anyway. Reloading the game didn't help. Now i live in the clouds)

The save files are attached in the rar archive.

P.S.: Please, forgive me for my mistakes in english)






Steps to Reproduce
Load the save files.

User Feedback

So you can keep playing your save since this doesn't look like a world breaking bug. What you can do it press the tilda key "~" and type c_give("orangestaff") that will cheat in an item to get you back inside the map. Once you are back on land press ctrl+L.

If the save continues to throw you onto the clouds after you fix this you may wan't to mention that so the devs know its reproducible from the save.

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Yes, the lazy explorer really helps.
I'll test if the game will teleport me back to this spot during the next vampire bats attacks. I think it was because of the huge number of these creatures in the sky.
If the game teleports me again, I'll edit the bug report.

UPD: I lived for about 20 days in this world and tried to reproduce the bug several times, repeating everything I did then step by step. But every time I left the shops, I appeared in the city without any problems. So, apparently, it was a random one-time set of circumstances (perhaps). I was no longer teleported to this “paradise” again. At least for these 20 days...

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