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Unremoveable Shelf + Minor Lag

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I loaded my save and noticed that about every 5-10 seconds there was a 1 second hitch, this only occurs when i'm in an indoor location. After playing around my house I noticed that one shelf could not be hammered, I cannot burn it, I cannot remove it with console commands. i'm not sure it's causing the hitch in the game but both things started to happen at the same time.



I should also point out if i make a new game I don't have this problem, only on these saves.

Added my save as well.


Bugged Shelf.rar

Steps to Reproduce
I'm not sure how to reproduce this as I'm not sure what caused it to occur in the 1st place it was fine when I saved my game and then it was happening after I loaded, Weird thing is I have an older save with the same problem, but i don't recall having an issue in the time between the two saves.

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