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Townsfolk started 'pooping' hammers..

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As per the title, my townsfolk started 'pooping' hammers (in first/main island pigs town) all over the place:


Wonder what they've been eating..

Steps to Reproduce
Normally playing DS Hamlet beta, strolling through first/main island town. Walking in town seems to spawn hammers like with the poop, as seen in attached print-screen.
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User Feedback

It may or may not be linked to, but this problem first arisen after a bat attack - at beginning of said attack, I've gone into my house (the renovated Slantry Shanty), sat there for 2 days doing more in-house upgrades; when I've finally gone outside, bats disappeared but the hammers and some other tools were in diverse locations on ground - I've chalked this to bats simply... eating some random (unlucky?!) townsfolk and their inventories dropping on ground. I've gathered said tools in one place to be done with it. But then, the days following this, more hammers started appearing all over town, often in pairs as in attached print-screen.


PS: they HAD to 'poop' hammers, couldn't have been something more useful like axe, pickaxes or shovels.. or Dark Swords?! (hey, I can dream / wishful thinking, can I?! :D )

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