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tenpiece oinc gives back more monney than it should

  • Version: Console Pending

if your inventory is full, and you buy something with a tenpiece oinc (you have to have no normal oincs on you, and atleast 2 tenpiece oincs), you'll get back 9 oincs even if the item did cost more than 1.
example: have 2 tenpiece oincs, and filled up inventory. buy a food that costs 6 oincs. you pay with our tenpiece oinc, but you get 9 oincs back, that drop on the floor. if you have only 1 tenpiece oinc in inventory, or your inventory inst filled up, you'll get back only 4 oincs.

Steps to Reproduce
have 2 tenpiece oincs, fill up rest of inventory with something, buy something that costs more than 1 oinc, but not 10, 20, 30 ...

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