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Stuck in a ruins temple

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I do not know if it's a bug or if it's intentional, but it seemed to me to be a bug.

I was streaming and I went into a ruin normally.
But I was stuck in one of the rooms.

I tried, at first, to push the buttons to try to escape, but I activated everyone and the door would not open.

Then I could notice that it was not the doors of the room were closed because of the room I was in, but because of the room before.

Seeing the map I noticed that something made all the passages of the previous room were locked and this room had my only exit which made me get stuck with no chance to leave.

I do not know if
Some enemy stepped on the button and locked or anything that closed the doors or
I entered a door that was supposed to be closed or
if the door was actually open and the game acted as if it was closed

If it's intentional and the door can close without me being there, like an enemy going through the button, something needs to be done because it's something you have no way of escaping

My highlight - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/324122467

bug stuck in a roon.png

Steps to Reproduce
It enters the ruin. Go through a room that doors can be closed Enter a room after this Get stuck because the previous room doors closed and this was your only way out

User Feedback

I got stuck too.  I am in a room with no pressure plates and cannot pass thru an open door.  There were some scorpions in the previous room that must have stepped on a pressure plate as I left it, causing the door to be locked from the other side.  

stuck in ruins.png

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