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Shelf items turn into "MISSING_NAME" upon disconnect

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

It's a bit hard for me to precisely say why this happened, but I placed 2 items on the lower half of the default home shelf (I think one of them was a piece of iron ore). I was experiencing the common 'cloudy house' bug where everything you drop in your house instantly disappears, and I dropped my backpack in my home (which was instantly destroyed).

Admittedly I closed the game to go back before my backpack was annihilated, and when I came back, the two items on the bottom shelf became invisible. Hovering over them brings up "Pick up MISSING_NAME", and when I picked one of them up, the game crashed.




Steps to Reproduce
Have house, default shelf, place items on bottom shelf, force close game while inside, and have your last save be outside (Don't know if that's important). Enter house and now you have a free 'exit game button' that you can pick up to crash the game and go back to main menu.

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