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Scrolling + Cloudwalking

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Say pal, the most bugs have allready reported, but this two or three i'm not sure.

1. I bought the house and prototype a lamp from the new tab. I went outside if to be able to place it somewhere near. The new tab was visible, but suddenly... scrollup-scrolldown -> zoomin-zoomout. Anyway, it will be nice to be able to place such decoration outside of the house.

2. a. I went with my four guards in roach-dungeon and in one room (from the second to third and they were keeping their torches) theese guys prevented me. I could walk around where i wanted to go (ex. through walls), but outside of that room, which was the focus of the camera. I tried to go here from another entrance, restart game, but the only solution was ... to unlock some characters. 
b. In similiar case, a store was in the edge of the map. When i came out, i was walking in the clouds, without being able to get back to normal map. Even by rotating the camera and going inside-outside the store. These are already known, but, something weird i noticed. Since i was in the clouds, i wanted to throw something, to see, if it was going to be flying. Separating a piece (with ctrl+click), the selected stack was reduced, but the new one, was invicible (the place in the inventory was empty). The only solution is the same as above.

And sorry for my english.

Steps to Reproduce
- Prototype something inside your house and go outside. - Going to the dungeons with guards. - Going inside a store in the edge of the map, going outside to the clouds and separating items in the inventory. These issues have not yet been confirmed by a developer.

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