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Ruins Bug

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I was playing Hamlet, and entered a ruins entrance near spawn. There were lots of baddies in there, so I quickly clicked on the exit door, and popped out on the surface. However, my trigger finger clicked on the entrance again, and this caused the bug. The setting was completely dark, even though I seemed to be in the entrance room, but I could hear the audio of the scorpions attacking me and I saw my health decrease. I was curious what was happening, so I used console command to place a campfire down. My screen showed a ruin room, with literally nothing in it. I mean, no doors, no pig statues, no pillars, no wall designs, no nothing. I didn't realize that my health was still going down, and I died. So I couldn't take any screenshots.

Oh and I was using a Mac

Steps to Reproduce
Play on Mac, possibly? Go to ruins entrance Leave ruins entrance Quickly enter entrance again Should happen I think.

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