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repost of the bugs in the temples

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

In don't starve hamlet I have encountered two bugs in the temple so far. This may be because I played willow when these bugs happened but I am not sure. The first is when I transition from room to room, willows lighter would still be in my hand but it would not have any light coming from it. It can be unequipped to solve the problem but its still there. The second was when I went through a room/door but ended up stuck out of bounds not being able to see anything or interact with the things around me except for my inventory. The light will work but won't show on your screen and the only way I know to solve it is to either die from the dark or just quit to make another run. 

Screenshot (58).png

Screenshot (57).png

Steps to Reproduce
Hold willows lighter when walking through doors in the temple

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