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"Rabid Beetles" are insanely aggressive

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

If you so much as even make eye contact with these lads, they will chase you seemingly forever. I got 5 screens away from them and could still hear them pattering towards me. It was like a member of BTS being sighted at a local burger king and being hunted by a horde of rabid kpop stans.

Also, since the beetles are faster than you, this makes their aggro time last even longer


UPDATE: A horde of these dickheads just killed 3 gorillas in seconds and then proceeded to go for me, you can see them below chasing me and eventually killing me, since they are faster than my character and since they keep pushing each other closer to me, I can't outrun them



Steps to Reproduce
Breathe in the same direction as a rabid beetle and die instantly

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