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Queen Womant Bug, Typo and Exploit

Bird Up
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

1. A terribly easy exploit to kill the Queen Womant I found is to go behind Queen Womant, and the warriors that she summoned will get stuck on the stalagmite throne and will be unable to attack you. Photo below.

2. The Royal Crown was unable to be picked up after ive killed her twice. I could not pick it up because the crown was stuck in the stalagmite. 2nd Photo below.

3. Someone at Klei spelled Stalagmite wrong. They spelled it "stalacmite" which is incorrect.


2018-10-17 (1).png

2018-10-17 (3).png

Steps to Reproduce
Trigger Queen Womant fight while attacking from behind. Examine the Throne to see the typo. Kill the Queen to find that items are unable to be picked up.

User Feedback

I experienced the same issue. 

Furthermore, I also had items getting stuck and being unable to pick them up in "Spooky Holes" in Caves, when Stalagmites spawn too close to them and they are mined, it can happen that the items drop on top of the spooky hole, leaving you unable to pick them up.

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