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Piko Problems - Multiple bugs or possibly unintended events

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I have been tackling these little guys in testing for a bit, I'm really uncertain as to how they work but here's what I have so far:


  • When you pick up a piko that had an item in its mouth from a trap that caught it, you do not get the item back.
  • When you drop a caught piko (that had nothing in it's mouth when you caught it), the stunned piko on the ground graphically shows as a piko with its mouth full and it can still eat another item.
  • Pikos can pick up stunned pikos and other small creatures you can drop in their mouth. (Not sure if this is a bug.)
  • Piko tea trees spawn infinite pikos (Well, as far as I can tell at least.) As in, when you catch one with a trap, another spawns as long as it is daytime.
  • Pikos still run up / use chopped down tea trees if it was where their nest was.

I can't reproduce this last one but it has happened once or twice to me:

  • Piko's as well as glowflies seem to stop spawning sometimes. I can't figure out how to recreate this issue though.

Steps to Reproduce
Start a new game, no mods, default everything. Attempt to do anything in the reproducible bullet points and it should cause the bugs/issues.
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